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Meet Our Staff

Rebecca Maciel Lester is the Castro Valley Virtual Academy ("CVVA") counselor and the Spanish course content teacher. Ms. Maciel Lester has been teaching Spanish for eighteen years, and obtained her Master's degree in Educational Counseling. She has been teaching at CVVA for almost 2 years. 
Ms. Maciel Lester helps students with their classes and makes sure that the students get the credits they need to attend a 4 year college, community college, or trade school. She loves the supportive environment on the campus, and is thankful for the amazing teachers who offer extra support to students. When she isn't at CVVA, Ms. Maciel Lester enjoys spending quality time with her family. 
As a teacher of seventeen years, Kelly Abbott has chosen to work at the Castro Valley Virtual Academy and Redwood High School because she loves the smaller campus and amazing students. With shorter days and caring staff, Ms. Abbott knows that the CVVA can help students stay organized and remain focused on graduating. Ms. Abbott teaches the Math and Science content teacher at the Castro Valley Virtual Academy. 
Outside of school you will find Ms. Abbott exploring the great outdoors with her son and Kilda, CVVA's resident Therapy Dog. Hiking, camping, and sporting events are always favorites, and Ms. Abbott loves travelling internationally over the long summer breaks. 

Matt Hassebrock currently teaches Social Studies classes at the CVVA. Mr. Hassebrock loves teaching at the CVVA because it is a cutting edge frontier in education. 


Mr. Hassebrock enjoys spending time with his wife and children. Their favorite family activities include hiking, hunting, riding horses, and are always looking for the next great book to read.

Mr. Bunn teaches English and Art for the CVVA program. He also teachers English, Art, Graphic Design, and the Music Club at Redwood. He loves seeing students discover new inner strengths and interests and decide to focus on things that benefit them and the world around them. Mr. Bunn spends time in nature, and likes art, movies, comics, music, reading and writing. 
Matt Hoffmann has been teaching for twenty-one years, and teaches electives, PE, and Social Studies courses for the CVVA, and also teaches economics, horticulture, and credit recovery courses at Redwood High School. Mr. Hoffmann offers support to our students by listening to them and not passing judgment. In his years of teaching, he has learned that our students often give themselves the best advice after being able to speak candidly with their teachers.