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Getting Started (High School)

Edgenuity - students can log in to Edgenuity through Clever. The first thing students will do when they log in is watch a short introductory video that explains how Edgenuity works.


Clever Student Login (preferred):


If for some reason you’re unable to login to Edgenuity through Clever, please contact your counselor or a content teacher for assistance.


Edgenuity Student Login -


We are also sharing this video to help you become more familiar with Edgenuity:


Here's the link - 


You will not be expected to meet daily with all of your teachers but will be expected to work on your classes on Edgenuity Monday-Friday during school hours.   Teachers will take attendance based on you accessing your classes daily.  Teachers are available to meet or provide you with some assistance in your classes.  Please make sure to email them for any questions regarding their class. 


Your parent/guardian is also set up to get weekly progress reports from Edgenuity.   If they would like to access family log-in to see a detailed report of your progress in each class,  please contact your counselor or one of your teachers for the activation code. 


New students and families, please make sure to digitally sign your Independent Study Agreement form in Aeries as soon as possible. Here's a pdf explaining how to sign digitally in Aeries. If you are unable to sign digitally, you may print, sign and email the ISA to Ms. Aponte at [email protected]. If you do not have access to printing the document, please come up to Redwood High School, and we can have a copy available on site to be signed.